• Michael W.

      I had a KH-602 and now an MII neck-thru. The KH-602 was nice, I just didn't like the black painted neck.

    • abracadabra

      I had a KH-602 and now an MII neck-thru. The KH-602 was nice, I just didn't like the black painted neck.

      Wait, I thought the MII neck-thru also had a painted neck. It doesn't?

    • Michael W.

      No, it just has a thin satin clear coat just like the KH-2 neck thru

    • MonsterLover

      M-II. No questions asked. haha thats the best one. plus it says ESP on it Not LTD so you know it has to be better quality.

    • takesnogutz666

      i honestly pick the kh-602. my guitar center has both and the m-II felt like it was lesser quality. it was lighter, the back of the neck was rough, and it didnt play as nice as the 602. i was pretty surprised at the eclipse-II as well... that thing felt like a toy compared to my ec1k. although, my ec1k weights about 12 lbs and has the best playability i have ever seen on any guitar. i would pick the ltd for the price and the fact i would be more satisfied with it. if i were to buy an expensive guitar that was either les paul shaped or a super strat id go gibson and jackson, the LTD line blows everything out of the water in terms of what you get for the money and the ESP line is pretty much slightly better than ltd and double the price.

    • jt76

      I have played both.

      If you like the 602 you will the like the Mii - they feel very similar.  If feel the neck is just a slight bit narrower on the Mii.  The Mii is a lot better guitar.  The main difference in the neck is going to be the quality of materials used and the fret work will be a lot better on the Mii.  Also the Mii has a real floyd rose,  that will make a huge difference if you use your trem bar a lot.  It also has gotoh tuners that is nice but not as important because of the locking nut. 

      note the MII  only has a single volume knob and pickup selector - no tone knob -  I prefer this for passives but I like a tone knob for emg's   

      it would be hard to go wrong with either guitar

    • mulysa

      ESP > LTD

    • longfxukxnhair

      I own a MII, MII Urban Camo and a LTD 602. Build quality and playability are better on the ESP. But I think the LTD 602 is a damn fine guitar in its own right. Only real complaint I have about the 602 is the painted neck.

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