New (Old) ESP M I

    Just picked this up! Need to buff it out a little bit and condition the fretboard but overall it's in great shape! The neck on this is butter! Serial # is 90139

    I tried to zip 3 photo's but they are still to large to upload! :mad:

    Sounds like a Duncan JB in the bridge? Anyone know what they came with stock?

    Any idea what year this was made? 89-90?



    • 1point8t

      Host those pics on photobucket or something, it will shrink down the size of the file so you can post them. That way, I can play Mr. Know-it-all and tell you all about your new geetar. :)

    • Dilzdo21

      dude posting the serial does nothing

    • 1point8t

      Fuckin right BLS, that's hot! That's actually the same as the first ESP I ever owned/tried. I had a pearl white M-1 that was identical in every way. Those were made around 1990 or so, not many of the M-1's had that sleek little rounded body. They were either neckthru with a soloist style body, or a bolt on with more of a stratocaster shaped body. I'm pretty sure they were alder bodies with a maple/rosewood neck. Did you manage to get a trem arm with that one? They're a bitch to find if it has the exact bridge I'm thinking about...it was the most recent version of the Synclair bridge which used a really odd arm. I have yet to see an aftermarket arm that fits.

      Congrats dude, I think I remember talking to you about this guitar a month or two ago...glad to see you pulled the trigger. Me likes!

      • BLS


        Thanks brother! It's F-ing hot for sure! Plays like a dream! Yes, I have the original trem arm! Going to put some Lizard Spit on the fretboard, buff out the body and put some new stings on it and SHRED!

        Do you know what the stock pups were? I really think its a JB in the bridge?

        Do you know if these where made in Japan or the States?

    • 1point8t

      They're stock ESP pu's, I can't remember what models but they're decent. Those guitars were built in Japan, like mostly all ESP's.... they were only built in Hollywood custom shop for a short time in the 90's.