• nothx

    help me pick out a guitar

    I'm getting rid of my jh600 because floyds make me want to punch babies. I'm looking to upgrade and I'm having trouble deciding..mostly because I think the horizon standard finishes are ugly as hell. Does anyone have any pics of a horizon in dbsb? If so, I'd like to see if it looks better than the dogshit it looks like on the ESP site. The trans-blue finish I'm not doing backflips over, but I think it would look much better with chrome pickup covers, so I may just go with that.

    All I really want is a solid shred guitar with neck-thru and no floyd. And I have to be able to look at it without puking -- the ridiculous bindings on the upper end LTDs make it impossible for me to buy one. The standard horizon has the feature set I want, I'm just not sold on the finish. Feel free to post your horizons blue or brown.

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