Vanessa B.

i had the honor to see cob 2 times in vienna, at wacken, at novarock and the last time in my little hometown in leoben at the area53 festival. everytime i went to the concerts i had the best times in my life! seeing him/them was so much fun, around many great people, i was involved in so many moshpits. i was there with friends (one of them also left from us way too soon) but i had the best memories. i am really thankful for that. i am listening to his music for many years and still do. since i heard he left away from us i Was really sad.(i am still sad about it) i dont know him as person but it feels like a big part of me went away. I loved and lived for this music. His music let me feel free. His death now is the point i will start making music on my own. It is too sad ;(  I think 2020 was a hard year for us all but i really hope he had a "good last time" and i  wish him from my heart to  rest in peace! thank you for everything! 

transingle g.


Matthew H.

This guy has and always will be my idol, creative inspiration, mentor and favorite guitarist. Not only just guitar and music but life in general - I've learned so much from him. He was fearless about his music and his image and it showed in both. Taught me to not give a fuck about others perception of you and to always be true to yourself and your music, a simple yet lost art I think. I wouldnt of ever persued music the way I have if I didnt discover his work and for that I have to thank him. I could go on and on about the pure joy I've gained from this dude and COB but I'm honestly still a little short for words. You will be dearly missed. RIP, Alexi.

Mark B.

Children Of Bodom was one of the first bands i saw live. I never heard of them before but i loved their music from first hearing their songs on stage. Alexi fueled my passion for music further than just a hobby and made me practise guitar for the rest of the summer. Alexi was such a good talent gone too soon. Rip

Michael m.


As a lifelong metal head, and a guitar player of 20 years; I can't fully explain the impact this dude has had on me. Since 2000 he has been an inspiration to push it, motivation to practice, and an example of how to create a vision and achieve it on a level few musicians ever reach.

I've seen Alexi and Children of Bodom live more than any other band, no contest.. many trips to LA, San Diego and even a few shows at the @observatoryoc close to home. Every show was absolutely great. An amazingly tight band led by a monster of a guitarist who was also a great and engaging frontman.

REST IN POWER you crazy fuck.

If you know, then crank it up this week.. If you don't know, now is a good time learn.

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Veli-Matti H.

Children Of Bodom is my go-to-place if I am upset or very happy. Started listening to them when Hatebreeder came out, was barely 9 at that time. Since then I idolized Alexi. I had the pleasure to meet the band in 2015 and I will never forget that I made Alexi laugh by saying "nonniin, voe helevettiläinen!". When I lived in Helsinki, I accidentally bumped into Alexi by the cashier at a local store. I was so bubbly inside seeing him casually, but figured he gets a lot attention anyway so we just glanced and shared a smile. COB is my favourite band and it seems unreal that he is gone.