Thank you for your comments! Just like everyone else on this site, I'm obviously a huge ESP fan! I'm also a huge fan of the 80's/early 90's rock/metal era that, combined with the best guitars ever made in my opinion, ultimately molded me into the ESP hoarder I am today.

My wife is so proud!  

Oh, and to answer some of your questions, YES! I have more ways than one. Like guitars, I also happen to collect Dobermans. Like "D" here, my Dobies LOVE company! 

ESP 348

Great collection of guitars!! Some serious money invested  there.

I love these guitars and their cases also. Very very cool.

Thanks for sharing the story and pics Scott and ESP.



Thank you ESP 348! Feel free to view my photo albums in my profile for more Lynch/ESP guitars that aren't pictured here. Here's an example with both Serpents pictured with the original Serpent plans, sketches, pix, notes, etc... (I need a bigger couch!!!)


Ronnie L.

Hey Scott,  just got an ESP Traditional but I haven't seen anything like this model of traditional.  I  believe it's  a 1089-90 ESP made in japan.  It's very similar to George Lynch's  quilted custom with same body style,  pickups,   except  no Floyd.  The guitar also has the V shape neck instead of being rounded.  I'm thinking it's a prototype? Let me know what you think?


Hey Ronnie. Sweet guitar! I've seen some similar guitars as part of the "Traditional" series, however let me pull some of my old catalogues to see if I can track that particular one down. 

Ronnie L.

Very cool, if you can that would be great

Ryan M.

You by far must have great insurance. I've always always had an attachment to the Sunburst Tiger.  Maybe it goes back to a video with George playing Mr. Scary on it.

Anyway great collection thanks for showing it.



Mark P.

Unreal great collection