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Keith R.

I was burned by one of these scam [email protected]$KS. They should be shot in front of their families. 

Ray W.

Real or Fake?Is this real? I want to know before I bid on it. It's a ESP KH-2SE ONon eBay. Looks legit with COA and all but I want to know for a fact before I bid on it


there's a website called Rare Guitar Heaven selling some ESP/LTD guitars like the Snakebyte, Kirk Hammett Guitars and the old MX-250's

Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

Can you send like the serial to ESP and find out if its a fake?

Travis L.

Ive seen some horrible fakes! And then ive seen some good looking fakes. Fact of the matter is is to try to stop it. With all these fakes being produced and being cycled into the system it will stress out guitarists that want ESP's. Especially when your trying to find older models on ebay. A GEM like an MX-250 is being faked alot. Now i have to contact multiple people to make sure the esp's im getting are legit. Damn these crap companies faking stuff. 


You do realize thats exactly how ESP got started right? It was one of those "crap" companies who were faking stuff.


You're a complete idiot, Kas.