This is studio video for my song called "Perfect Enemies" featuring amazing Guillaume Bideau (Mnemic, One-Way Mirror) on vocals.


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Guillaume Bideau - Vocals

Roman "Robar" Barbun - Guitars & Synths

Matt "Minotaur" Gabnai - Bass

Alexander Kasiarum - Drums


Guitars & Electronics recorded at Robar Studio by Robar.

Drums recorded at Joncofy Studio by Alexander Kasiarum and Max Morton.

Vocals mixed & recorded at Dogs In The House Prods. by Guillaume Bideau.

Bass recorded by Matt Gabnai at Minotaur Studios.

Drums are mixed by Max Morton at Morton Studio (

Mixed & Mastered by Robar

Music & Lyrics by Robar

THANKS TO: Alina Krasieva, Olga Kasiarum, Damien Blindness, Alexander "Lazy" Linyviy, Rikke Konggaard Schou, Zhanik, Andrey Baluka, Ivan Dubov, Joncofy, Nikita Biloshitsky, Jam Music, ESP guitars, TAMA drums, Warwick Basses, Prolude. 

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