Music video for the song "Obsession" by international project called "All In Circle".


Tab and backing track:

Lineup on this record:

Roman "Robar" Barbun - Guitars & Electronics (Ukraine)

Ryan Collins - Vocals (USA)

Paweł Malinowski - Bass (Poland)

Dirk Verbeuren - Drums

Video edited by: Artur Przybylski 

Guitars & Electronics recorded at Robar Studio, Ukraine by Robar.

Drums recorded at Die Crawling Studio, USA by Dirk Verbeuren.

Vocals recorded at Lava Room Recording, USA.

Bass recorded by Paweł Malinowski in Poznan, Poland.

Mixed & Mastered at Robar Studio by Robar.

Lyrics by Ryan Collins 

Music by Robar

Produced by Robar

THANKS TO: Alexander "Lazy" Linyviy, Artur Przybylski, Dirk Verbeuren, Alina Krasieva, Anna Collins, Kyle Reeves, RusT, Dan Ebenhoh, Dylan Roth, Joncofy, Nikita Biloshitsky, Jam Music. 

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