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LK1 replied to the forum post Does this constitute a blemish?

I'm looking at my own E-II Eclipse and I don't see anything like that on mine. Are you sure it's not a bootleg copy from Aliexpress? I've never seen anything like that on a MIJ guitar, let alone on a $2000 MIJ guitar.. You......MORE »

LK1 replied to the forum post ESP Horizon tuners

I replaced the stock tuners on a Horizon-II a few years ago. They're called Gotoh SG360-07......MORE »

LK1 replied to the forum post Output screws

99% sure they use the same screws for the output jack. I would send an e-mail to ESP support. I once asked a similar question about screw sizes and they took a guitar apart just to measure the screws and even sent me......MORE »

LK1 replied to the forum post Esp horizon 3 custom shop?

The guitar isn't a production custom or Original series. Original series don't have 'T' serials or a circle logo. The "ESP Custom series" production models were only made available since 2003, and the Horizon 3 Custom (MSRP:......MORE »