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♥messiah♥ replied to the forum post Edwards order from Japan

2014-09-14 02:22:20 UTC
I got an Edwards LP from Japan.  The shipping was expensive but it only took like four days to arrive.  I didn't have to pay any extra fees or taxes.......MORE »

♥messiah♥ replied to the forum post What if

2014-09-11 21:56:50 UTC
Your prize is a punch in the balls.......MORE »

♥messiah♥ replied to the forum post I'm calling it

2014-09-01 02:13:15 UTC
Serious question, do you think the forum will make it?  There's been a decline in activity for a year or two now but this switch really pushed a lot of people away.  Of the 15 or so left, how long to you plan on......MORE »