ltd f-100fm, washburn Nuno Bettencourt Signature, Epiphone SG, and Oscar Schmidt Acoustic
Playing Guitar, Playing Video Games, and Hanging out with friends
South Park, Family Guy, Tanked, and Pit Boss
Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Drama, Action, and and more
Rock, Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore, Punk, pop punk, Electronic, and and many many others
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
jimi crybaby wah and peavey vypyr 30
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
i honestly can't decide
About me:

I've been playing guitar for about 6-7 years and have three electrics and on acoustic (with plans to buy more very soon) but my favorite has to be my LTD F100FM, and I've been trying to get a band off the ground for a few years but at the time of writing this we have three members, I'm the only one that plays an instrument the other two are vocalists.

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