ESP LTD, epiphone les paul, and schecter hellraiser c-1
playing guitar all day long, working on guitars, trying to work on cars, and fighting with VA
comedys and music videos
dont watch to many movies
rock and metal, blues, 80's hair metal, and late 80's hard rock
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
marshall mg 100 half stack, carvin v3 halfstack, line 6 spider iv 75w, digitech rp90, and jerry cantrell wah
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
mick mars, ! ! ! slash ! ! !, zaak wlyde, john5, 3ric clapton, srv, nikki sixx, jerry cantrell, jimi hendrix david gilmore jimmy page, Buddy Guy, Yours personaly, Robben Ford, Joe Perry, and Joe Perry
About me:

Im a 56 year old  vet, disabled tractor_trailer driver im looking foward to talking to and hopefully picking your brains and learing from you.i have been playing for about 4_5 years,  its funny the more you learn the more you relieze the less you know.may god bless each and everyone of you and KEEP ROCKIN....cause music is the answer.

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