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esp, sharp, looks like it could cut you, and metal
aviation, rockin out, guitars, and bass player
Jurassic Park and starwars
#metallica, acdc, van halen, megadeth, and dio
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
awful at the moment and i need an esp bass
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
james hetfield, kirk hammet, cliff burton, jason newsted, robert trujilo, dave mustaine, eddy van halen, strad towning, and harrison valentine
About me:

I am the bass player for rock/metal band "Band Name Pending".

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2014-12-04 05:38:22 UTC
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2014-12-04 05:36:56 UTC
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A. Wyatt voted on the poll WHAT BASS AMP DO YOU LIKE BEST!!

2014-11-12 06:39:31 UTC
A. Wyatt voted AMPEG 115HP
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A. Wyatt

A. Wyatt voted on the poll ltd ec 401vf for metal ? yes or no

2014-11-12 06:39:16 UTC
A. Wyatt voted yes
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A. Wyatt

A. Wyatt voted on the poll volume pot too close to high E on esp's ; solutions ?

2014-11-12 06:39:06 UTC
A. Wyatt voted no
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