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New members on this website. Lets see what to do here :) Comment
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Dinan replied to the forum post Colours?

Those are sweet looking ECs. I'm in love with the TE 40th. Maybe cause black is the official Color for metal......MORE »

boogie20 replied to the forum post ESP explorer

Thanks for your input. I would buy it, but i have to sell my ltd iron cross first......MORE »

Pushead replied to the forum post ESP explorer

It's legit.  Not an MX, but an EXP (which is what they called the bolt-on models).  Originally I was going to say that it was probably just a normal production EXP with the finish removed from the back of the neck,......MORE »
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boogie20 replied to the forum post ESP explorer

I found it on kijiji Toronto. The seller said he had a friend who worked at Steve's music here in Toronto. And it was a custom ordered ESP. ......MORE »

Pushead replied to the forum post ESP explorer

I know as a new user that your photos are resized and you can't post links, but it's tough to tell from those photos.  Could you tell us the site you're looking at?Yes, some MXs were special ordered with maple necks......MORE »

Pushead replied to the forum post ESP KH-2 Oujia Left Handed - Could this be for real?

I don't believe any were made left-handed in the original run, but there is a company on ebay that has a selection of left handed ESPs (legit ones, not copies).  Many of them are models not commonly available, even in......MORE »

Godmademedoit posted the forum post ESP KH-2 Oujia Left Handed - Could this be for real?

Hi, I've just recently been offered a Custom Shop ESP KH-2 Ouija in white - and it's left-handed! As a lefty this is an amazing guitar but before I even go look at it I'm extremely suspicious because obviously left handed......MORE »
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Craig voted on the poll Which summer addition to the lineup is your favorite?

Craig voted EC-1000 Koa
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Rai Caringal

Rai Caringal posted the forum post HELP! Neck crack or binding crack?

I saw this on my EC-1000T/CTM today, should i be worried?    Pic on crack »
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Even though, we'll assume you're not prepared to forget about that opinion. I'm a well rounded guru at Adderin. I guess you'll need to ignore that, but your Adderin doesn't actually do this for you. ......MORE »

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Mark M.

Mark M. replied to the forum post ESP EC-1000 Maple Modded

Thanks was a fun project......MORE »

boogie20 posted the forum post ESP explorer

  Has anyone ever seen a explorer with a maple neck?  Is this legit?  Thanks for your input......MORE »

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