Jackson Kelly KE2, esp ltd ec1000t ctm blk, esp ltd v401fm, jackson pro dinky dk2mq, schecter km-7, martin OMCPA5 Black, and fender american standard telecaster
Guitars, Music Production, and Computers
24, Dexter, and Dexter
marvel comics movies and dc comics movies
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
engl e530 preamp, fryette 2/90/2 power amp, and isp decimator pro rack g
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Dave Mustaine and james hetfield\kirk hammett
About me:

I am an IT profession with a serious crush on Metal Music and Guitars that comes with it. Guitars are my one and only hobby and take rest of the time that I have from kids and family. 

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"Custom Traditional Model"......MORE »
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The new models are great, but there is an essential request what is important for many guitarists: please... please make more 6 strings (and 7 strings) guitars with¬†hardtail bridge. There are many guitarists who doesn't want......MORE »
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Here goes my 2 cents for the electric guitars; ¬† GREAT NEWS: I was glad to see that the Arrow made it to US. I look forward to checking out the E-II Arrow 40th year anniversary ESP Eclipse models look stunning. I wish LTD......MORE »
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