esp eclipse, E-II Hor III, E-II Hor FM, LTD 40th, LTD Hor 1001, JH-600, GH-600, Strats, Teles, LPs, Schecter Apoc sustainiac, Aluminum Tele 1994 original, Godins, Gibsons, and many other guitars
playing guitar, building guitars, MMO's, playing since 1963, Army vet, and disabled
roku and vudu mainly
sci fi and action mostly
rock, all flavors, metal, and EDM trying to write
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
blackstar id:260, blackstar ht20, hughes & kettner grandmeister 36, Marshall JVM410HJS, Marshall 1960A Custom shop, and Friedman Runt 20
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Jimi, SRV, Dick Dale, Prince, and Hetfield
About me:


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I have one, and like it. Good choice.......MORE »
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I got the GH-600 as well. I like it, don't have enough for the super signature one though. I am quite happy with this guitar, my only observation is that the frets are larger than I like. I like the LP standard and older......MORE »
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Hey, I've tried the GH-600 model. Anyone try the other two??......MORE »