esp ltd h-1007, esp ltd viper-401, ibanez rg1527, Ibanez RG2550m, Ibanez RG565, Ibanez RG921, and jackson slat 3-7
Guitar playing, Music, and Gaming
Heavy Metal and Progressive metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
peavey 6505+
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
John Petrucci
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HNGD! You've got yourself a beautiful weapon there!!! ......MORE »
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As one of the legendary icons of rock history, Glenn Tipton hardly requires an introduction. One of the twin-guitar tandem that created the highly-influential sound of British Heavy Metal in Judas Priest, Glenn joined the......MORE »
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When will we start to see the new models and prices in EU? I haven't seen anything on Thomann yet and no where else either.   Cheers!!! ......MORE »
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I have an E-II M- II that is a great guitar but it has one flaw that I don't really like and it's the high e-string has a tendency to slide off the fretboard qiute easily. I'm thinking of buying a Horizon III NT and I wonder......MORE »