ESP, Parker, Steinberger, Ibanez, Fender Strat, and Gibson Jr
Art, Music, Old Classic Movies, and Collecting
Bates Motel and Game of Thrones
Bladerunner, Amedeus, and To Kill a Mocking Bird
Queen, King's X, Tool, A Perfect Cercle, and Moke
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Marshall Head, Marshall 2x12 Cab, Digitech 3000, and vox valvetronix
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Joe Satriani, Brian May, Sean Genockey, and Randy Thomas
About me:

I'm 51 but this seems to change about every 356 days or don't count on that to stay the same.  I'm humorous. I adore music.  It and my family are the only things that can make me truly smile inside. I like heavy rock with a groove or funk influence.  Hate to sound racist but, the bands I end up loving, usually have an African American singer. I just love that sound. Ie., King's X, Living Colour, Sevendust, Rush...Just kidding about Rush.  I feel in love with Queen, like many, when I heard "Bohemian Rhapsody" and asked for every album they had, for Christmas. That would be, Queen- The Game. but I've continued collecting everything even past Freddy's death, RIP. 

I love Sci Fi and fantasy but just movies in general.  The classics make me smile.  Music can make me laugh and/or cry. It is the stronest force I'm aware of next to Love.  I'm corney but can be witty (not illustrated here). My hobbies and my money is in Music, Art and Inventing. I've been in several bands but few have made it which doesn't really bother me.  I don't judge my success by the world's terms.  Each step is a success to me.  My tunes have been on local radio, TV and my art, at least one piece went national (a logo for an oil company).  I have an amazing wife and three boys and a girl. Their names, respactively, Melissa (Moo), Noah (Noaba), Benjamin (Ninjaben), Dane (Son-Jah) and Chriztine (Chuck). Although listed last, I love them more then anything I've listed first.

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