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Hi, Jay: If you ever could post what model your black+purple ESP is, it's just awesome.  Otherwise, congrats on a job WELL DONE.......MORE »
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My collection is ESPs and a celebration of George Lynch's music over the last 35 years   this is probably the only time I will ever get to use all of my ESP guitars in one video! Enjoy!!! ......MORE »

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Hi guys, new on the block. Joining the ESP family, and hoping to tap into your awesome pit of fine knowledge. I was really fortunate to be able to snatch just a couple of weeks ago this new old stock GL500 T (mint, never......MORE »

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For the Floyd, any one with an R3 nut should work.  I'm always a bit hesitant to buy a bridge used, however.The tuners are Grovers.......MORE »

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