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Sponge Cola
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Armo Armovit, Gosh Dilay, Yael Yuzon, and Ted Mark Cruz
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For past 8 years I'm One of the Silent Fan of Sponge Cola and yet coordinator of small group called #teamArmo. Dec last year i watched Sponge Cola interview, and realized that they are not just an ordinary band... their passion for music, friendship, style and strong personality, and i can say how amazing band they are!!!

Last March 15, 2014 I decided to be more active to their Gigs and concert...

frustrated guitar player only why?? bec. of my job.

I'm just a typical type of girl, friendly but silent type.. Home buddy!! i just Love listening to their music..

"Silent Fan" means supporters that not too active in concert and gigs but buying every album and supporting a band in different ways.

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