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ya, thats the one I want right there, it's a flawless piece. I want a USA eclipse too in vintage natural.......MORE »
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Tyler C. voted EC-1000 Koa
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I have to admit I've owned a few guitars in my day but I believe I have found my "go to" and "want more of". I bought a LTD MH 350NT a couple years ago and it always seems that I return to it and it's become my favourite and......MORE »
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I couldnt agree more.. I was lucky enough to score one of the see thru green EC1000's from a few years back but I'm jonesin for that purple or blue version that was available for a short while.   I may be crazy, but......MORE »
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Chris K. voted EC-1000 Koa
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slab replied to the forum post Like this if you cry for yesterday every time

No. You can't be in the band.   Well, maybe if you dress as a dolphin and dance between songs.......MORE »

Craig voted on the poll Which summer addition to the lineup is your favorite?

Craig voted EC-1000 Koa
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Had to do some rack stand maintenance so here's a random picture of some of the fleet I was inclined to take. ......MORE »
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You guys sound great, thanks for the vids. ......MORE »
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Very nice man! Those KH guitars are the best!! And I am really digging that LP too. I should just buy myself a new one as the chances of finding a mint 1980 model will be tough.......MORE »
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The listing has ended already for the KH1 Big Daddy? Can you confirm this?......MORE »
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Greg R. replied to the forum post LTD bridge problem. Please help.

I think there are 2 problems going on. First I want to ask is if the low E string tends to buzz on the frets unless the A string is too high? The slot in the saddle looks too deep. Also the slot seems too narrow. Both of......MORE »
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