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Richard White

Richard White voted on the poll Which guitarist do you like more? Tony Iommi or Randy Rhoads?

Richard White voted Tony Iommi
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Richard White

Richard White voted on the poll What's your favorite George Lynch song?

Richard White voted Dream Warriors?
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Richard White

Richard White voted on the poll Do you play guitar and bass? If so which do you play the most often?

Richard White voted No, I only play bass
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Richard White

Richard White voted on the poll What kind of a guitar player are you?

Richard White voted The one who plays all of the chugs and power chords (Rhythm guitarist)
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Mr.Kenny became friends with Arnaud B.


Mr.Kenny replied to the forum post Is this ESP real?

100% real........MORE »
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kutungharnn posted the forum post Vital for your brain to make it powerful

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