Flying v and esp eclipse
hard rock & metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
hughes&kettner Duotone, peavey 6505, and peavey 5150
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Ty tabor, George Lynch, Jakub Zytecki, and Per Nilsson
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Jonathan P.

Jonathan P. liked the article Buyer Beware!!!

2014-04-15 07:40:51 UTC
It has come to our attention that as a result of the increased demand for our product, there are an increasing number of counterfeit ESP/LTD guitars available for sale through non authorized online stores. After 35 years of......MORE »
Jonathan P.

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2014-04-14 13:00:14 UTC
Jonathan P.

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2014-04-14 12:47:06 UTC
Jonathan P. voted Rock
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Jonathan P.

Jonathan P. voted on the poll Who is you favorite guitar player?

2014-04-14 12:46:09 UTC
Jonathan P. voted Vinnie Moore
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Jonathan P.

Jonathan P. liked the comment on Which of this Guitar manufacturer would you choose to manufacture your guitar?

2014-04-14 12:45:05 UTC
ESP gets my vote fender and jackson are the same company and gibson,kramer and epiphone are the same company.  Anderson, Suhr and Ernie ball should have made this list......MORE »