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Silas is one of the greatest guitar player that i had a pleaser to meet and play together!!! He also is great man! The guy who you can count and trust!  He have a different point of view of another guitar players! He......MORE »
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I often practice in front of TV with family and play my electrics acoustically - my acoustics are too loud for this (and too big to be comfy in the lazyboy). Was thinking Fender Stratacoustic and till I saw TL-6 that appears......MORE »
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Ae silas,do caralho o/......MORE »
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Hello! My trucks transmission needed a rebuild and now I must pay my bill... For sale is my 1996 ESP MX 250-II. $3200. Posted on Reverb. Can't post links as I'm a new member here on the forums. I'll ship ONLY for the asking......MORE »
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More pics please. ......MORE »