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John campbell, Fieldy, jason newsted, james hetfiled, kirk hammet, willy adler, mark morton, Attila Voros, mick thompson, Jim Lamarca, Jim Root, Rob Arnold, robb flynn, rob trujillo, tom morello, zoltan bathory, zoltan farkas, matt heafy, will adler, James Munky, head, brian head welch, and matt devries
About me:

I'm 20, and I live in Hungary.. in the middle of Europe, ya know...
I play bass guitar for 3 or 4 years... yes... it's 4 or 5 years now and i adore it. 

well.. i don't really know what should i say about myself.. so.. :)

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7 strings, 10-56. Would be nice to add more options to poll))......MORE »

Adie liked the comment on Favorite strings gauges?

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Depends on the tuning, really...For E Standard, i use 9-42.For D Standard, its 11-52......MORE »

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