2008 Godin Multiac Steel Duet, 1988 Tom Anderson Guitarworks Pro Am (formerly owned by Kirk Hammett of Metallica), 2010 Fender American Vintage '62 Stratocaster, 2009 ESP Vintage Plus, 2004 Gibson USA Les Paul Classic, 2010 Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom, 2004 Jackson Relic Rhoads, 2013 ESP KH-2 Vintage, 2012 ESP KH-DC STBC, 2011 ESP KH-2 SE, 2007 ESP KH20-26, and 2009 ESP KH-2 Ouija OB44
Guitar, College Football, and Gambling
Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead
Office Space
Metal, Classic Rock, Trip Hop, and EDM
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Mesa Road King II 2x12 combo, Mesa Mark V 1x12 combo, Roland JC-40, Roland VGA-5, Digitech Whammy (5th Gen), Ernie Ball MVP Junior 25K, TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini, Dunlop KH-95 (signed edition), Line 6 FM4, Line 6 DM4, Line 6 MM4, Line 6 DL4, TC Electronic Ditto Looper, KHDK Ghoul Screamer, Roland VG-88, Roland EV-5, and Dunlop DB-01
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Kirk Hamster
About me:

Been playing ESP since 1993. Current roster listed above. Previous ownership includes a custom order 1993 KH-2 bolt-on, custom order 1995 KH-3 neck thru, custom order 1996 KH-2 Ouija neck thru, custom order 1997 KH-4, 2009 KH-2 Ouija OW07, and a 2013 KH-DC STBLK.

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Inlays look very nice!......MORE »
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Big Daddy B replied to the forum post KH 2 Vintage 2009

Awesome pics Alex. I guess anything is possible. Is it possible ESP made Vintages with additional damage on thr front? Of course. Is it likely? I personally don't think so if the damage is very noticeable and doesn't match......MORE »
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Big Daddy B replied to the forum post ESP custom eclipse / khdc / jh-3 / truckster VS. Gibson custom les Pauls mod to KH DIFFERENCES ? what's better pros cons and for clean and or distortion

Not sure if this is the death knell of the KH-DC but noticed ESP is now blowing the LTD version out for $549 on the site and also it has been removed from the products page. Only the LTD version was removed. Looks like they......MORE »
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What sort of work did he perform?......MORE »