ESP KH-2 Ouija White, ESP KH-2 Vintage, ESP KH-2 SE, ESP KH-DC, Tom Anderson Pro Am, and Godin Multiac Steel Duet
Guitar, College Football, and Gambling
American Dad
Office Space
Metal, Classic Rock, Trip Hop, and EDM
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Ernie Ball VP Junior 25K, TC Electonic PolyTune 2 Mini, Dunlop KH-95 (signed edition), Line 6 FM4, Line 6 DM4, Line 6 MM4, Line 6 DL4, Mesa Road King II 2x12 combo, Line 6 Relay G50, Line 6 Amplifi 150, and Line 6 FBV MKII
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Kirk Hamster
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Big Daddy B replied to the forum post Searching for Ouija

Yes I checked it out. There currently is an LTD model on ebay Italy but the price is double what they run here in the US not counting shipping or any duties. It appears rappa666 may be the seller based on the user ID and the......MORE »
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Big Daddy B posted the forum post Looking for 2012 KH-DC in STB?

Hello. Does anyone know if the KH-DC was produced in See Thru Black back in 2012 when it was still a SS serial numbered model? I have a red one and wouldn't mind adding a black one for alternate tunings but the only see thru......MORE »
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There's a neon one on Reverb: ......MORE »
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