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Thanks for the heads up cannibal. Pulled the trigger on the ESP. Stayed tuned for an NGD thread soon!   Wow! That's great man!!!! (Arghhhh I've seen it too late hahaha ) The black ESP Ouija is my favourite,......MORE »
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http://www.garciniaproductsguide.com/oxygenius/ Comment
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slab replied to the forum post Yet another NGD - again not ESP redux

what does "big semi-hollow ones" mean?   are you talking about your guyfriends package?......MORE »
Big Daddy B

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Nice color......MORE »

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Road King

Road King replied to the forum post Yet another NGD - again not ESP redux

I just ordered my first Gibson. One of those big semi-hollow ones in Pelham Blue. I could tell by the pics that the paint is applied very thin. It has the G-force tuners, lol. If it's not a complete POS, I may even get the......MORE »