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HI guys!   Unfortunatelly a have to sell part of my guitars.all have COA's except KH-1 which has the original hang tag. hard shell case too. JH-3 would like to keep for myself. For any info and pics contact me......MORE »

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We realy need them to to a book about there guuitars history lie Mr Clapton did full of pics and storey's . There is a pic of james in a storage room with cases with wrighting on  them would be good to have better......MORE »
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Nathan S. replied to the forum post is my LTD EC1000 a fake?

Headstock curve does look a little long on yours as Pus mentioned as well, but again could be weird phot angle.......MORE »
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Here's pics of mine you can compare with. I think your tuners may have been changed as they don't look right, but that's not out of the realm of possibilities as someone obviously changed a pickup. The truss rod cover is......MORE »
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It's much much worse at Gibson.   I'm sticking with ESP. I don't like most of the new line, and the ones I do like are $6000, but there's always used. I'm sure I'll comission a Custom Shop soon enough.   I'd get......MORE »
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I've been scanning around for new guitar for a while and I came across this listing for a 2011 ESP Horizon in what appears to be satin black. It's string through and has what I believe to be Seymour Duncan JB 59 and 60......MORE »

Craig posted a comment on the poll What's your opinion on Music Streaming services like Spotify, pandora, a bit of YouTube, tidal, Rdio, etc. ?

I don't hate them.  I just don't use them.......MORE »
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