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I recently purchased a used EC-256 in vintage honey burst with a flame maple top and factory relic'ing. I presume that the top is a veneer, but I was just wondering if someone could verify that. Either way it is absolutely......MORE »
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LTD EC-256
I just wanted to say how incredible the EC-256 guitar is. I recently bought this guitar as just something to take with me on road trips and to noodle around on when I'm traveling. I was absolutely blown away by the quality,......MORE »
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I absolutely love my LTD Vintage 214. It's my go to bass for the studio because the tone is so wonderful, but it's just too heavy for gigging. Some sets run over 2 hours and the weight is an issue. Is it possible to buy the......MORE »
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Pushead replied to the forum post ESP EXP?

No, not anymore.  People occasionally post things here, but there isn't a ton of traffic.  You're better off looking on SSO or Rig Talk or one of the Facebook gear trader pages.......MORE »
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That would explain it. Oil does float on water.......MORE »
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The chamber is entirely filled B, the blue liquid stay up because it is lighter than the water which is aslo in the cavity. Put a spoon of oil onto water and see what happens  . The guy should have shake it a bit......MORE »

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Ahhhhh man, this thread raise me some GAS issue.....   ......MORE »

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I know what is your best tip to get a good deal on a guitar now Nate : ask people to do your seeking and sourcing job. I think people out there have a job, a famimily to care, and other occupations. You told us every day......MORE »

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Hola Lluis, Podemos contactar por PM? Vivimos muy cerca Saludos! Raúl......MORE »

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Looks like they may have changed their design a little bit and removed the plug, so will be difficult to fill with your own urine. Looks like the chamber for the liquid was shrunk because even though the guitar is upright, it......MORE »

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Was there! Was awesome! Ears still ringing! ......MORE »

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Metallica, the most iconic of all metal bands, has released their first new music in eight years. It's "Hardwired", the opening track from their upcoming album Hardwired ... to Self Destruct, which is......MORE »

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Cool thanks man Yeah they don't pop up that often, which is why I'm giving it serious thought.  The damage does put me off tbh.  Will struggle to re-sell if I need to.  I'm sure I saw another EXP on Gumtree......MORE »

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Sorry I meant The Unforgiven, but I was listening to the NEM part, THIS ONE , where you can hear indeed a very bright single-coil-type sound too.......MORE »

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It was actually The Unforgiven that made me curious as to what he was using.  It sounded a lot different.  I only had the audio stream on Pandora.  I couldn't stay up to hear NEM, I had a 5k Sunday morning, and......MORE »

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The body design is slightly different, if I recall correctly.  Kirk's has a plug in the back to allow the guitar to be filled.  I'm not sure where this guitar is filled, but the fact that the front strap screw goes......MORE »

Pushead replied to the forum post ESP EXP?

Welcome J_Mac.You are correct, it's an EXP.  The MX-II (commonly referred to as a MX250, though it was renamed in the late 90s) is set neck and the MX220 is a slightly different body and headstock shape.Three or four......MORE »
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Alpha Tren :- This is not an item that is available to be purchased in any office or drug store, yet this ought not be seen adversely. In view of its creative equation, deals are still made fundamentally by approved......MORE »

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