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Took me years to find my Zorlac, waited to find one in mint condition.Very very happy with it and I will never let this one go.......MORE »

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No I kept it. It isn't in the picture because it is on a single stand so I didn't need to remove it that day. It took a few days but once I got used to the shape, it's now fun to play. I put some EMGs in it but honestly, I......MORE »

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Did you end up selling the Jackson relic? ......MORE »

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Which guitars are they using?  I see a ESP e-ii eclipse vb but thats about it ......MORE »
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Muy Bueno......MORE »
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Possibly mate, not 100% sure on what happened there.But I did remember seeing something about the Sinclair bridges in Rappa's old info thread on the 'old forum'All very interesting stuff and it would great if we could get the......MORE »
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Already in the midst of a huge solo tour, ESP-playing power rocker Gus G. (Ozzy Osbourne / Firewind) is also kicking off the biggest clinic tour of his career in October and November. Gus is visiting seven countries to......MORE »
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