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CannibalChris replied to the forum post Searching for Ouija

I had a good experience with them. I ordered it on Aug 26th and it arrived on Sep 2nd. No issues at all. Was #100 on Ebay about a year ago or so? I thought I remembered seeing that guitar for auction, but maybe not if you......MORE »
Marinotti Guitars

Marinotti Guitars replied to the forum post ESP MI "NYC GRAFFITI" apparently pre-owned by Kirk Hammett.

Hi JT76, thanks for the reply. I've send and received a lot of mail from Eddie Meeks (a really kind person and a great artist), that explained me his way to work. He has done several guitars from 1986 to 1992, not only......MORE »
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This should have been air brushed, airbrushing doesn't leave brush strokes. This artist that did the Graffitis did not typically apply art to the trem recess.  I also have never seen kirk or anyone......MORE »

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