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Why complain about something you don't even have the money for? ......MORE »
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Hi, If anyone has an ESP JH1 for sale or knows of one for sale, please do get in touch Thank you!......MORE »
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Is this still for sale?......MORE »

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I love the aged patina look. Snow White is too bright. After reading this thread, I'm going to get a spotlight for my white Iron Cross! Here's my LTD EXP vs a newer Epiphone '84 Explorer I used to have.  ......MORE »

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 ......MORE »

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Not surprised at all that EMG is in the lead. They're the pinnacle of metal pickups, not to mention an ESP favorite. Well, personally I'll always love my Seymour Duncans. Passive pickups are a personal preference of......MORE »
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Seymour Duncans for sure!......MORE »
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The LTD MH-401NT DBSB  I need the string through to go along with my MH-350FR.......MORE »
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