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Austin, Texas based guitarist... Playing guitar in the Fabulous Thunderbirds for the past 8 years...also.... Comment
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Love my ESP guitars! Comment

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Cool article in Vintage Guitar last year! ESP Guitars! Comment

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Man that would be an awesome place to work in ......MORE »

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Kraftwerk rules...   But 10 bucks Moz gets in solo first.   Politics, brah.......MORE »
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Conquering Dystopia. Look it up, listen to the track Ashes of Lesser Men. Great example of 7 strings being used to full effect. If the guitar is tuned to standard, you can drop the 7th string down to A and have a bar......MORE »

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Makes it even sweeter.......MORE »
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Dude, where were you a couple of years ago? I had a Mummy that looked fantastic but wanted the correct I sent it to Chris Woods Guitars, BIG BIG HUGE (did I say BIG) fucking mistake!!!!! That dude is an asshole......MORE »

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We still need a black LTD Iron Cross sig! ......MORE »

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seven strings look gay......MORE »