• Mazze F.

    This guitar is just a frikkin' MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It just flows and the guitar is SO PLAYABLE....(NO SH*T IT'S A JAMES SIGNATURE nevertheless I was really surprised on how effortless it was to play....

    ERICK ESP_KKV sold it to me and the deal we made was just incredible...Massive respect and appreciation to ERICK ESP-KKV!!!

    A great deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Santa came early and most certainly delivered!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you out there in the ESP community!!!!!!!

  • Mazze F.

    Just got the JH 1 from ERICK KKV..Massive respect and thanx!!!!!!  


  • Matt M.

    Hey Erick, I just clicked on your name and this page came up. I like your profile pic, Never seen that one and I pretty much saved any pics of SLAYER over the yrs. Would you consider a trade for the Speed V? I see you have a KV2 in your collection but no King V Pro or KV1. I have a DM Sig series mint King V Pro in silver sparkle and KV1 in black pearl. Would you be interested in either one or perhaps a BCR Bich neck thru? I know you don't collect production models but thought I'd ask. I've been playing guitar for many moons and never really thought about buying BCR even when I got into SLAYER unitl '00 when I got a black NJ Assassin. After that I wanted to make copies of the BCR guitars Kerry and Jeff played. And being the Megadeth fan I started next with Dave and Chris. Dave was influential and Metallica wouldn't be Metallica without his songs! you have some great connections and must have taken time to get your collection eh. Where are you from by the way?

  • End of Times

    Thanks again for sharing all of your guitars, they are so bad ass!!!

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