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No worries, it is cool but is pretty introductory. Is there a place down there you can go and try them?......MORE »
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very cool man, i hear a little slayer sound at some parts, which is awesome, also great production for a demo......MORE »
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2014-08-30 20:40:20 UTC
Here's some new tracks from our newly finished demo.  Check them out, let me know what you guys think.  We're just a three piece by the name of Suppressive Fire out of Raleigh, NC.  (Go like......MORE »
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2014-08-30 20:35:49 UTC
hi man, its like the 5th time i ask you stuff and it might bug you a bit, but you know a bit more on the subject and well here in mexico, good prices are hard to find and they come and go, my question is: is the alexi 200 a......MORE »
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someone?......MORE »

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2014-08-30 14:07:07 UTC
I have a gotoh that was stock on one of my guitars.  I like it better than ofr and shaller also.  I agree about them being better made. The m's are bolt on necks so a proper neck shim will change the neck angle......MORE »