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2014-07-31 09:41:58 UTC
Is the camo finish all over the guitar like the ESP models? or is the finish like the JH200 with the digicamo? Digicamo on front and the rest of the guitar is flat gray?......MORE »
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I didn't recognize the name and thought the post was a little odd so I did a tiny bit of digging.  He is on the ESP Artist list, but his link from there just goes to his forum profile which offers little detail.......MORE »
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Check out my band @! \m/......MORE »
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Surprised no one looked into Terrapin Guitars. I would be surprised if they didn't have a viper guard.......MORE »
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G-orge voted Yes
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MetalVakkio voted TEARDROP 3-per-side style (ESP Original Series Horizon, ESP USA Horizon)
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