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Hi all, this is my fitst post . I have recently bought a second hand  LTD MH 53. It is made in China, with serial number. I will attach pics. I want to know if it is legit one, to calm down my paranoia. What do you......MORE »

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I think the original KH MM-250 guitar had the Sinclair and the later MM-270 which I have has an OFR on it.I think Rappa has some info and pics, but from memory I think it was the Sinclair fitted to his first KH guitar dubbed......MORE »

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Did any of the Zorlacs have the Schaller Floyds with the shortenend, barrel style clamp screws? My original KH-2 from 1992 had those. Every other ESP I have gotten since has OFRs. Looks like Kirk's might have had a......MORE »
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Took me years to find my Zorlac, waited to find one in mint condition.Very very happy with it and I will never let this one go.......MORE »

Pushead replied to the forum post ESP KH-2 Oujia Left Handed - Could this be for real?

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ESP 348

ESP 348 replied to the forum post Zorlac pictures

Took me years to find my Zorlac, waited to find one in mint condition.Very very happy with it and I will never let this one go.......MORE »

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I am selling my ESP Custom Shop Rhoads. See here: »