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Wow that's incredible that someone is that stupid.  PayPal said they will issue our money back, however we would have to ship the case back and once the sender receives it, then we'll get the money.  That could take......MORE »
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Here is a little interesting story and which is why I asked for his Ebay user ID.A friend of mine doesn't have Ebay or Paypal, so I bid and buy stuff for him off Ebay.I also have a lot of friends all over the world, the most......MORE »

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Indeed, someone could just do what you suggest, but there are some possible issues with doing so. A few possible problems are:   1. Having to adjust the nut's grooves to accomodate the thicker strings. If you then......MORE »

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Hello, Earlier this month I sold my MX250II on ebay and worked out the details of shipping and insurance with the buyer and we were in good communication then after he asked to see the serial number, which I provided since......MORE »

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Cool man, can't read any of that but well done. LolYou can select the size of the pic when you upload it. I always choose XL, but it's all good.What is the blue thing in the case you speak of? Any updates from the seller or......MORE »

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rtudtyidui......MORE »

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