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Hola soy Ben y soy de Mexio!!!, hi!!, my name is Ben, i´m from Mexico!!!, las mejores guitarras del mundo son ESP!!!!, the best guitars in the world are made by ESP!!! toco en una banda que se llama Lawless Country!!!!, my band is Lawless Country! https://www.youtube.com/user/LawlessCountry Saludos!!! Comment
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FM feels good but I need to up the gauge. Comment
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Window shopping
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Found this guitar and it sounds great, action is fantastic and it seems like a quality build.  Does anyone konw what it might be? It has four wire GOTOH pups that are wired for coil splitting.  ......MORE »
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I found a semi strat style guitar that is marked as Ltd. VI. It has 4 wire GOTOH pups and looks likes it's wired for coil spli. Anyone have any information on this thing?   ......MORE »

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I'm in Socal. I was out for the SLAYER show at the Joint. I am out in LV quite a bit for mountain biking out at Bootleg Canyon, Cottonwood trails, Cowboy trails and Mt Charelston.......MORE »

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I had a Schaller Floyd on my custom order KH-2 I ordered in 1992 and received in Spring of 1993. It was a great tremolo and performed just as well as an OFR. I don't recall if it had the ESP logo stamped on it though. I don't......MORE »
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Pictures don't do the justice seriously.... this is so much good looking guitar  Here is some pictures. I had so much luck i can not belive , price wise or the fact the guitar is absolutley flawless You be the......MORE »
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Anyone have any E-II basses ?......MORE »
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Nice collection......MORE »