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Dist_Beercore replied to the forum post one week and not a one post

Droon was a dude who left this place,since that and after that, this place was lost. He realized that his great belly was most important that this forum. Dude, stop eating, my friend. Stop with  funny campings and taking......MORE »
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Congrats to Jim Tenney. He's the winner of our "Rock On the Range" sweepstakes, and will be getting VIP passes to the festival which includes tons of great ESP players in bands such as Volbeat, Breaking Benjamin, Anthrax,......MORE »
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I'm not aware of a single unit that gives you both. You would need multiple independent outputs at intrument level and line level. Is there a reason you can't do 2 separate units?......MORE »
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My EC1000 with black chrome Seymour Duncan Blackouts!!......MORE »
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But mine and the one I linked are exactly the same. I'm not sure that two identical fakes or aftermarket finishes are just coincidence.......MORE »

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nice guitar,nice sound!......MORE »

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