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To ALL my Friends, check out Some of my NEW PHOTOS, I just Posted on here With Pics of My 2 Lynch Model ESP's and The Orange Quilted Maple Custom ESP Lynch used in the Video "Lynch tearing up the Guitar" on YOUTUBE...... Also......MORE »
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2014-08-29 22:00:56 UTC
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I'm spending the Labor Day weekend rocking and mixing. Well, mixing, anyway. And maybe a tiny bit of rocking. Comment
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♥messiah♥ replied to the forum post I'm calling it

2014-08-29 21:20:10 UTC
I guess that means we are the maggots picking the corpse clean.  Its pretty much down to the bones at this point.......MORE »
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2014-08-29 21:02:18 UTC
Alright, well I found a used one at a local pawn shop and snagged it for $60. My first impression is this little thing is pretty killer. I am already convinced I can get a great solid, meaty distortion and the build is......MORE »
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2014-08-29 21:02:00 UTC
Samuel C voted USA ECLIPSE-II SW
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2014-08-29 20:53:26 UTC
Time of death 8/29/2013 1:51pm. Fixed. Not even the Mod would post here anymore.......MORE »
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Kride posted the forum post New organ for the lawsuitsplorer

2014-08-29 19:26:39 UTC
Thought I'd make another thread of this guitar since things are slow around here... Soo, new trem for the EXP-300. A Gotoh GE1996T unit. The stock trem wasn't all awful but the Gotoh is made of way more resonant metals......MORE »
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2014-08-29 19:16:21 UTC
Aaron P. voted M 6-in-line style (MH-1000)
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Time of death 8/29/2014 1:51pm.......MORE »
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