esp eclipse and esp horizon
playing guitar
heavy metal, country, blues, classic music, and classic rock
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
james hetfield is my hero and kirk hammet
About me:

i've been a HUGE ESP/LTD fan since i first picked up my 'viper 100fm' from a local pawn shop. i have since gone to purchase four more models, and play each one everyday, and simply love the build quality of each and every guitar ESP makes! ESP/LTD made me love guitar again, and i will never stop playing ESP's they are just simply the best! :)

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2014-03-25 04:34:31 UTC
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2014-03-18 06:30:36 UTC
Anyone else think esp should have that guitar builder thing like jacksons website has? It'd be like a less complex way of making a custom guitar for people who are looking for a simple custom. Let's say i wanted a Horizon......MORE »
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2014-03-17 06:27:30 UTC
for some reason I really like that kamikaze ex,  I have never been a fan of graphic ex models, or even the kamikaze graphic on the mirage for that matter, but for some reason I really think that works very......MORE »
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