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well normally when I use heavier gauges I use 10's or 11's, they're good for down tuning for nice heavy tones and they take the abuse of tuning up and down better. I also like the heavy strings because it works my finger......MORE »
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jt76 replied to the forum post Problems with an SV Standard

Agree pic 1 is a minor defect ,  pic 2 and pic 3 are fairly typical,  I think you are making to big a deal of it.   If you look carefully very few guitars are perfect.   The only guitars I can't find......MORE »
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Ed, what you're saying is accurate, but in practice, more people express a need to extend the low-frequency range of their guitars as opposed to the highest notes. This is due to both the range of human hearing and a......MORE »
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EdFitzz posted a comment on the video LTD MH-401B FM Demo with Chris Cannella

It really bugs me when people call baritones extended range. They're not extended they're just lowered you get the same amount of notes you just sacrifice high ones for low ones. ......MORE »
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wanna buy this week or an andy james ltd   or this strange jewels   http://www.mercatinomusicale.com/mm/a_esp-eclipse-vintage-black_id4120733.html......MORE »
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Our friends over at EMG Pickups are hosting a giveaway that you're going to want to know about. It's open worldwide, and has one sweet grand prize:• An LTD Vintage-214 bass with EMG PJX pickups• An Ampeg......MORE »
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Hi guys would you be able to identify if this is a custom shop eclipse or not?Never seen one like that. It supposed to be manufactured around 2001. No more info....   ......MORE »
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Nathaniel Z. voted The one who plays all of the chugs and power chords (Rhythm guitarist)
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