ESP LTD EX-360, ESP LTD MH-50, and Jackson JS1R Dinky
Guitar and Band
a year in the life of metallica, metallica through the never, and the big 4
Metal, thrash metal, Metallica, and any metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Peavy Rage 158, Randall rx50d, digitech rp55, and dunlop gcb-95 cry baby
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
dimebag darrel, james hetfiled, kirk hammet, jeff hanneman, zakk wylde, cliff burton, steve harris, randy roads, alexi lahio, dave mustaine, chris broderick, kerry king, santana, michael padget, matthew tuck, and gus g
About me:

I love ESP guitars and line 6 gear

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2014-02-22 13:41:46 UTC
Anyone else think esp should have that guitar builder thing like jacksons website has? It'd be like a less complex way of making a custom guitar for people who are looking for a simple custom. Let's say i wanted a Horizon......MORE »
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