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Hey You Guys,  I want to buy this 2nd hand Horizon, but I'm not sure about the crooked serial number on the back of the headstock... It has really uneven spaces between the numbers :/ hmmmm Can anyone help with some......MORE »

feerdep posted the forum post will have a bias is I think

will have a bias is I think we'll be kid ourselves we said we didn't but the highlighted the I try to put line aside for the seko'sfeel also I think EREMAX  what science did for memory than anything to a PhD is at......MORE »
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i bought eii in reindeer blue for £1316 and its fantastic i saved a long time to have a high end guitar, i agree would have prefered ESP on the head stock though.......MORE »
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Hi, looking at buying either the gl256 ltd or the cheaper st213 ... these seem to be similiar in neck profile and overall components .. apart from distressing and cosmetic do they have the same necks and made in same place, I......MORE »
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can't ear the difference between them. Apart emg's solderless connections, I think it's down to black or black!......MORE »
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Photos would help.......MORE »
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Hi all Just been looking at E-II Eclipse spec.  Anyone know what 'CECFF' stands for? Just interested.  ......MORE »
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keilo replied to the forum post ESP Explorer

Hi Josey Was wondering how the frets would look like after polishing, did you take a picture after by any chance? How much did it go for? cheers......MORE »