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2014-09-02 13:15:23 UTC
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2014-09-02 04:51:31 UTC
Thats cool, they are great guitars! Sorry for missing your other reply, I just saw it now but the MH350 Series is a really good choice.......MORE »
Sergio S.

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2014-09-02 04:40:44 UTC
you know what man, im getting the mh350fr they are getting me this one in two weeks, i was bewteen this and the m300, but this one is more versatile and much better looking imo.......MORE »
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2014-09-02 02:26:08 UTC
I got motivated to take pics of my Snakebyte and Iron Cross.  There aren't too many personal pics out there of these guitars from diffrent angle so I posted them elsewhere yesterday.  Figured this may be the place......MORE »
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ChainOfThought replied to the forum post I'm calling it

2014-09-02 00:52:48 UTC
Haha shit, it's one of three websites I check regularly including Facebook.... I check this bullshit damn near every time I pull out my phone on force of habit.   ive taken to betting money on no new posts.  Id be......MORE »
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2014-09-02 00:50:58 UTC
We haven't given this forum everything...not yet.......MORE »
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2014-09-01 21:31:17 UTC
Our Spring 2014 sweepstakes was pretty sweet, with a grand prize of an LTD Signature Series Will Adler WA-Warbird SE, along with a matching skate deck. While we pick our prize winners randomly, it's always great......MORE »
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