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Why did ESP stop the Formula model production? It's a very comfortable and ergonomic guitar.  I have a couple of them, but I still want to get more!   I hope ESP will put it in the market again!......MORE »

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Anyone know what type of tombstone case would fit my esp eii lk horizon??? Comment

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My 2013 kh-2 ntb......MORE »

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I suppose the difference we're quacking about is how the K is shown in the serial number.  A "normal" standard style KH guitar is like this: Whereas a Custom Shop produced (in the Kiso shop) serial number is like......MORE »

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Very COOL LOVE IT.......MORE »
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muhammad anwar

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this the e-mail i received from ESP  ......MORE »

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Good call.  I keep forgetting that the Kirk sigs all have a K prefix.......MORE »

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The SS on a KH2 NTB stands for "Signature Series" not "Standard Series."   From what I understand, the "K" and "SS" prefix Signature guitars are exactly the same thing, but otherwise what Pushead stated is......MORE »

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I use the same style leather straps, but not the exact ones. I'm happy with them.......MORE »

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A true Hammett fan would get the authentic hand stitched straps. Don't forget to get the correct brand of hair curlers he uses. Yeah, it was a fair price. It's in the mail, but the pics make it look pretty good for a guitar......MORE »
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