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Definitely spend the extra bucks and go with the Vintage. I have both and the Vintage is a lot better guitar than the standard KH2 bolt on.And you will always be able to sell the Vintage and re-coupe most, if not all of your......MORE »

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ESP 348

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If this was an LTD model, I would buy 2 in plain white with ebony boards (although the maple board is cool too). I like the barebones - basic approach and design... String-Thru instead of Stop Tailpiece, 1 pickup, 1 pot,......MORE »

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Just finished working on my ESP Custom Superstrat that I bought from some guy. It was in awful, terrible condition. It's now matte black with all new hardware. Can't wait for my shop to connect the pickups! Dropping her off tomorrow! Comment
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new music......MORE »