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didn't know if this is legit and model is unidentified. i'm helping my friend decide whether to swap his Zoom B3 in exchange for this bass and a stompbox.. i bet somebody above this post is asking the same question. so here......MORE »
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The guitars are made by children that have been tarred and feathered, they use asbestos, lead paint, rare and sacred woods from sacred regions from around the world. Religious artifacts are destryoed and used as building......MORE »
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RZK replied to the forum post Yes...another NGD...still not ESP

That's a fantastic reason not to buy it!   I don't like that blue CS one. It isn't an RZK. It's someones sick version of an RZK and I hate it.   We totally hijacked this thread. Sorry Big Daddy. Speaking of......MORE »

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Craig voted EC-1000 Koa
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When Children of Bodom are getting ready to release a new full-length album, it's big news in the world of metal. It's certainly news for anyone who admires the playing of Bodom's ESP-shredding frontman Alexi Laiho, ESP......MORE »

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Hi I am currently looking to get my next guitar my original choice is a kramer 1984 with seymour duncan JB and Original floyd rose, I am tempted on the LTD GL 200 Kamikaze because I am a total 80s nut , love dokken and love......MORE »
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Trashgreen uploaded the video ESP VII STD FR- Freestyle Jam

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it would be nice to hear lower single note tones instead of just a CHUG.  ......MORE »
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Yea, sure i'd read gear reviews!I wish i had more time t eb active on here, though.......MORE »
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I like gear and buttons and stuff....oh look a LED...........MORE »