Hatebreedgr posted the forum post ESP 901 1991

Greetings from Greece. I got this beautiful guitar recently. When i got her, she was stripped down from original colour and i had her repainted. I'm trying to find out some info on the guitar because all i could find was a......MORE »

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Benjammin posted the forum post Replacement bridge for LTD 256

One of the saddle screws broke, so I'm looking to replace the bridge (and posts if need be), can anyone recommend one that will drop in? Thanks......MORE »

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Stonecat liked the article Welcome Lars Frederiksen (Rancid) to the ESP Family

“Dude, I’ve never done an endorsement in my life.” Thus begins our first conversation with Lars Frederiksen, well known for the past 23 years as the highly influential guitarist and vocalist for the punk......MORE »

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Chris R. posted the forum post Custom Guitar Graphic

I was wondering if I saw wanted a graphic of something original or had an idea of what I wanted. Do you guys say have an artist or artists that can made the design come alive? Or would I have to say pay an artist to do it?......MORE »
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Road King replied to the forum post Hai guiz! 'Member me???

If this was the ESP version of Pokemon Go, I'd have a lot of rare members collected right now. I wonder what I'd find at the ESP Custom shops.......MORE »
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Road King replied to the forum post Shredding

I actually think he's a funny bastard.   He's a goofball, but very talented. His vids inspired me to make guitar solos great again.  ......MORE »
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Gabriel S. posted the forum post Case Scent

Hello I was curious on the smell or spray used to make the cases smell so prestine. I bought an ltd snakebyte in 2012 and it had that new case smell but it isn't really there anymore. In 2014 I bought an ltd iron cross and it......MORE »
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Big Daddy B replied to the forum post KH 2

no but my first kh-2 had an 85 at the neck. you can always change that later on. it's really easy now that EMG has gone solderless.......MORE »
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by the way, any idea concerning the ESP M-II CTM (EMG 81/85) ?? someone tried it ?......MORE »
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agree , its like there are a variety of opinions, but i can agree from what i read that the NTB is THE KH to have ! ......MORE »