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The 214a Ash one is better than most fenders. Period.......MORE »

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exhibit-sbt liked the forum post Re: Six years ago... (Slayer content)

You nailed it the first time. Move forward.   ......MORE »
Dave M.

Dave M. replied to the forum post FAULTY TOGGLE SWITCH EC 1000 DELUXE

I'll give it a go, cheers......MORE »

Pushead replied to the forum post FAULTY TOGGLE SWITCH EC 1000 DELUXE

I find many of the toggles that ESP/LTD uses need to be resoldered every once in a while.  Not sure what the cause is, but resoldering the connections seems to fix it.......MORE »

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Dave M.

Dave M. posted the forum post FAULTY TOGGLE SWITCH EC 1000 DELUXE

Just bought a brand new EC-1000 Deluxe and the toggle switch doesn't work which I'm not happy about. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what switch did you replace it with.......MORE »

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Pushead replied to the forum post Any thoughts on Boss NS-2 Noise supressor?

Either will work, I just find the Decimator works better for me.......MORE »
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Abolutely beautiful guitar!!!......MORE »

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Rich, I saw your post regarding a kh ouija. Any chance you are still interested in one? I happen to have a 90's model with moon inlays, hang tag, certificate, etc. that I may be willing to part with. Let me know and we can......MORE »
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